Here You Will Find An Introduction To Diesel Forklift Trucks and How They Operate.

Diesel Forklift Trucks - The Complete Workhorse

Diesel forklift trucks can be found on every industrial estate in the world.  They are the main type of forklift used to load and unload vehicles.  They range from 1.6 tonne to 50 tonne lifting capacity. 

The most common size of diesel forklift truck is the 2.5 tonne version and typically has a 4.3 metre triplex mast fitted so it can be used to load and unload containers. Mast lifting heights usually go up to around 6 metres and forklifts with this kind of lift height are maybe working outdoors and stacking into racking.

Most forklift truck manufacturers produce a diesel counterbalance forklift truck because they are so common and dominate the industry market share.

Why Choose A Diesel Forklift Truck

There are many reasons to choose a diesel forklift and below we have highlighted our favourites.

Fast & Relaible

If you are operating a high throughout business then this is the outdoor workhorse.

Affordable Packages

Diesel is pretty cheap to buy at the moment and this type of machine is economical to run.

Special Offer

As this model is sold in high volumes globally they are mass produced and usually cheaper to buy or hire.

Our Mission

The problemas we sit it for many customers who use our free service is that they are low on time and often do not have a lot of knowledge about forklift trucks.  Why should they as they have their own business to urn.  We want to help and break down some of the confidence issues that customers have in regards to approaching a forklift company.

Our Vision

We want the people who use this website to gain some basic understanding of the different types of forklift trucks on the market.  A little bit of knowledge goes a long way, especially if you are new to the world of materials handling.  After spending a little time on our website looking at the images and videos we hope to be able to educate our users.

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The Top Forklift Truck Manufacturers In The World

The companies on the left represent some of the finest brands in forklift trucks today. 

All of these companies manufacture products to the highest standards.  You can feel confident that if you are offered forklift truck quotation for one of these brands you are on the path to making the right choice.

Remember when you are buying a new or used forklift truck, think about the warranty and what is included.  Also consider the response time to get an engineer to your site if your forklift breakdowns.

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