Electric Forklifts

Environmentally friendly and very cost effective to operate the perfect indoor forklift.

Electric Forklift Trucks

If you would like to operate a forklift indoors and especially around people then electric is the way to go.  Cheap to run and easy to service, electric forklifts are a good investment.

electric reach trucks
Electric forklift lifting capacities start from 1 tonne and can go up to 12 tonne but very few are ever bought. Electric power encompasses the counterbalance, very narrow aisle, warehouse and order picker categories of forklifts. Most warehouse and distribution centres will have some form of an electric powered forklift operating indoors. Very often you will not be able to hear these machines because of the very nature of the fuel source, they are so quiet!
crown reach trucks


Reach Truck

Reach trucks work in relatively narrow aisles and can lift up to around 10 metres.  Lifting capacities range from 1.6 tonne to 3 tonne and the most common size is a 2 tonne.

Not only will these machines work in regular ambient conditions but you can also find them in cold storage facilities. Frozen food manufacturers and distributors will have them in -24 c temperatures.
crown forklifts

Food & Beverage

Electric Counterbalance

Perfect for food and beverage facilities because they do not have any dirty fumes like and diesel or LPG forklift.  No risk of contamination to the finished products.

The most common size is typically around 2 tonne and with a lift height of around 4 metres. These forklifts are very cheap to operate and easy to maintain.
Forklift truck prices


Low Level Order Pickers

Often refered to as LLOP for short are the worker ants of warehouse and distribution centres around the world.  They can have extende length fork, like the image above to carry double pallets.

Many companies run these machines around the clock across three shifts and therefor need to carry out battery changes every few hours. Simple and very effective machines.
crown powered pallet truck


Ride-On Powered Pallet Truck

Great for getting around your whoelsale or large warehous operations.  Lifting capacity is usually around 1.6 to 2 tonne and charging times are typically about 10 to 12 hours.

Like their cousin the LLOP these machines can be specified with longer and wider forklift lengths. Make sure that your supplier specifies the correct sizes.

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