LPG Forklifts

LPG forklifts are the perfect solution when you want to work indoors and outside.

Why Choose An LPG Forklift Truck?

If you are loading and unloading vehicles and bringing the goods into your warehouse then an LPG forklift will help you to overcome the dust from diesel forklifts emissions.

LPG is Safe

LPG forklifts are safe and easy to use with LPG bottles being stored in a locked cage.


LPG is Quieter

The noise from an LPG forklift engine is typically a lot lower than a diesel forklift truck.


Easy To Operate

LPG forklifts are just as easy to operate a a diesel forklift. A counterbalance license is needed by your driver.

Get Multiple Quotes

Every manufacturer is different so insist on an LPG forklift truck on-site demonstration.

LPG forklifts are a great alternative to diesel and electric powered machines.  The lifting capacity range is similar to diesel but typically you will not find many LPG forklift above the 5 to 7 tonne range.

Turn the key with LPG

Available 24 hours per day as long as there is LPG in the bottle.

Unlike diesel forklift trucks, which can only be used outside and electric forklifts that should be kept inside, LPG can do both.  The fumes from an LPG engine are less obvious that the dirty filament layers produced by diesel.

Buying An LPG Forklift Process



It all starts by placing your details into our contact form.  We then supply you FREE quotations.



Look through the quotations and decided who you are interested in and contact them.



Arrange an on-site demonstration so your operators can try before you buy or hire.



Once you are happy with the proposal and demonstration get some feedback and make your decision.

Remember LPG forklifts have a lower upfront purchase price than an electric machine. Make sure you have an allocated area in your premises to keep the spare LPG bottles safe.
Make sure you have a number of companies do a full site survey of your premises before you make any final decision. Once the forklift is made it will be to your agreed specifications.
Understand what your warranty period is and exactly what is covered. You will have to make sure the forklift is serviced by your supplier under the warranty period.

Need A Free Estimate?

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